More Than Enough


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And she tried to remind herself that she was enough

But realized she was everything – the spirit of the trees and the seas and the mountains and the breeze

Her freckles mimicked grains of sand on the great Sahara

That unruly hair the fur of every wild beast on the planet

Her heartbeat was the very pulse of time itself

And her smile carved a Grand Canyon on her face

In that moment

The glimmer in her eyes

Could only be matched by the twinkle of every star in the cosmos

And that was indeed

More than enough for her

The Darkness Inside


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The darkness dwells deep inside of me and I mean not to purge it

But to understand its chaotic murmurs

Those devious whispers in my ear

I mean to strip it bare and forge its passion

Into something much more pure

To wield as a weapon

When the weakness calls

Blow the embers ablaze

Until the fire in my eyes burns relentlessly

The Moon is My Muse


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When you dream awake, they call it a daydream

But I don’t dream of the day

I am seduced by the night

The moon is my muse and I long for another kiss

And I write in the light of his full face tonight

He pulls me in as if I were his only lover

And it is surely a lie

But he is all mine in my mind

And so together we write

Desert Dweller


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I seek out desert

Maybe that’s why I’m always thirsty

I’ve become adaptable

Like a lizard living under a rock

I no longer waste my tears

I no longer find myself wandering through unsteady sands

Yet here I am

Contemplating gently in place

Like a snake

My next strike will be purposely executed

We Called It Love


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The thing we called love

Was but a fleeting thought

A mere whim that we should have slain

The moment it was excreted – bleeding – from the womb

It was born nonetheless

Starved of breath like a candle’s dying light

Prolonged too long

Taking us two as its victims in its villainous ventures

And we called it love.